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What People Are Saying


“PJ and I have known each other for over 15 years. He has been a trusted advisor as much or more than a solutions partner. His skills and demeanor align perfectly. Coupled that with his character provided me and my organization a rich trusting relationship that delivers even against challenging conditions. When my team and I were in a real tough spot, I turned to PJ to help. He was quick to deliver once again and even though we couldn’t finish the project together, the experience was as positive as any other and well above his competition. PJ was always upfront and presented varying degrees of solutions in a way that was helpful and not offensive. I don’t think I’ve ever seen PJ have a bad day and his arrival for meetings are accompanied with a smile and positive attitude. I’ve done business with PJ for many years and will look to him for solutions as long as I’m in business.”

Lynn Haueter

Chief Technology Officer

“PJ demonstrated a personal commitment to finding the right candidate for the culture of the company and skill set required for the job. I never have reason to question his motives or his recommendations.”

“PJ is a great communicator. He often touched base with me when I was searching to fill a position to let me know what strategies were being employed and progress in the pursuit of my ideal candidate.”

“My interactions with PJ impressed upon me that he is a man of integrity, dealing with me openly and honestly. He does not cower from difficult conversations and openly communicates his experience and knowledge of the job market in a way that educates and informs throughout the entire hiring process.”

“I recommend PJ to any company, hiring manager, or a job seeker who intends to work with an honest and earnest facilitator of any job search. His tutelage and understanding of both sides of the job fulfillment process are invaluable.”

Roxanne Whiteis

“I’ve worked with PJ for over 13 years, both as a candidate and as a hiring manager. His professionalism, insightful engagement, and commitment to me in both scenarios has earned him my trust and my continued business. PJ is one of the good guys and I highly recommend him.”

Mike Nicholson

IT Service Delivery Manager

“I’ve worked with PJ for the last 10 years. In that time, I have learned to trust his judgement, insight and experience in his industry. He understands my business, the challenges, listens to our needs and delivers. He is honest, operates with high integrity and focuses on the relationship. I highly recommend working with him.”

Rick Bennett

“I’ve known and interacted with PJ over the past 3 – 4 years. PJ focuses on understanding the client’s needs first and then proceeds to find the best resources to meet those needs. He takes a long-term view, i.e. focuses on building a relationship and moves at the client’s pace. PJ is the type of person you enjoy doing business with because he is flexible, patient, and hard-working.”

Greg Johnson

VP Information Technology

“PJ listened to the challenges we were having with our current vendors in a very thoughtful way and respected where I was as a prospect. He shared his capabilities and benefits in a way that made me feel at ease about the salesperson, company, and ability to execute. He is easy to do business with. I never felt pressured or unsupported. Follow-ups were always acted upon. Working with PJ is easy, he’s a professional who values your time and does the legwork required not only to sell but to ensure the customer is satisfied every step of the way.”

Alex Barclay

Chief Information Security Officer